How I reversed my Arthritis symptoms without medication!

Posted on August 1, 2012

MB Before After Pic.jpgMy Food Story Series: 
Story #1

How I reversed my Arthritis symptoms without medication! 

Since I became a certified health coach I get a lot of questions about how I turned my health around and how I lost 30 pounds.  It’s a complex question that really requires a little more elaboration than, “Well, I eat a healthy diet, relax, and exercise regularly”. That tends to translate to most people as, "painful discipline".  I also realize that most people are really searching for a solution for themselves, but usually they want a solution that is preferably quick and painless.  The fact is, my exact personal journey back to health would likely not work for them anyway.  To explain this better I decided to write a series of articles to illustrate my personal journey back to health, because recovery is a very unique journey for everyone.

Healthy Summer Rituals

Posted on July 21, 2012

Prescott Sunset.jpgThank you Prescott, Arizona for the healing power of your breathtaking sunsets, clear starry-starry nights, and comfortable temperatures at 5,000 ft elevation! 

This past Winter and Spring my self-care was amiss for a number of reasons (some out of my control and some, well...), and as a result by May I was feeling a bit puffy.   I was reminded just how easy it is to fall back into old habits.  Why do you think I became a health coach? – Teachers teach what THEY need most. 

So in light of my recovery from unsightly, uncomfortable “evil” inflammation I thought I would share five of my simple summertime rituals that get me back on track.

MB eating in garden72.jpg

“HOW TO” Expedite Your Eating for Energy Strategy

Posted on July 12, 2012

body-love-dance_.jpgWith a little planning and a few basic rules, you can succeed at losing weight.
Here are ten basic guiding principles of good eating:

Could it be that your own weight-control efforts are sabotaging your energy?  Yes…We all know it’s possible.

Countless women routinely commit dietary blunders that drain their energy and set them up to fail at losing weight and feeling well. It shouldn’t be that way. While it can be challenging to plan healthful meals when your plate of responsibilities is already overflowing, it can be done. All it takes is knowledge of the basic tenets of eating for energy with an infusion of motivation and mindfulness. With that in mind, here are ten princilpes for using food to tip the energy balance in your favor:

47 Things I've Learned in my 47 Years

Posted on June 24, 2012


MB pucker blue.jpg

Today I felt it was time to revisit my inner wisdom, and update my periodic happiness checklist.

So here goes… 47 things I’ve learned in my 47 years - in no particular order.  Some are silly and others just might make you go hmmm…

Hula Hoop Class at the Allie Ollie Clothing Boutique

Posted on May 31, 2012

I created the Ladies Healthy Happy Hour for a few reasons. 

First I wanted to be able to talk to women about the metabolic power of pleasure and how when your body is relaxed, hormonal pathways turn up your body’s fat-burning capability and turn down your appetite.

Watch the Video of the LHHH Hula Hoop Class

This is a much more sane approach to slimming down, being and feeling healthy and feminine, and having more fun in your daily life. 
This is part of the feminine formula that I teach women.  It’s about connecting with your inner wisdom, because REAL lasting weight loss is achieved through self-respect, dignity and self-love, not through shame, self-deprivation or masculine techniques. 

It’s accomplished through pleasure, not punishment.

Second, I wanted to provide an easy, non-intimidating way to introduce women to a variety of different movements and motivate them to search for forms of movement that they would enjoy doing, whether it be hula hoop, hiking, biking, swimming, or belly dancing.  The key word is all about the Pleasure!

My Healthy Life Fair

Posted on May 18, 2012

My Healthy Life Fair Banner.jpgCome visit me at the My Healthy Life Fair. I will have yoga instructor, Barbara McCarthy, from "A Yogi's Center" demonstrating Svaroopa Yoga in my booth. Come experience how amazing it feels!

My Healthy Life Fair!

Event Website:

Saturday May 26, 2012
Commerce Center
My Healthy Life Fair at Prescott Lakes Nutrition
1963 Commerce Center Circle Suite C
Prescott, AZ 86301

Belly Dancing

Posted on May 11, 2012

To dance is to be out of yourself, larger, more powerful, more beautiful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.
~ Agnes de Mille

It's Friday and I'm still smiling from Wednesday night's Ladies' Healthy Happy Hour Belly Dance class! Terri Walden from Troupe Salamat is a wonderful instructor, and she really gave us a top notch intro class.  I must say, belly dancing is truly a great workout!  WOW!

Happy Mother's Day!
In Celebration of our Mother's, and for those of you that are mother's and/or mother's to others.  Give yourself the Gift of the "Daily Hour".  One hour every day to nourish your amazing female body; for she houses your every breath, and your every heart beat.  She is home to your senses, and she works hard for you every single day.  She deserves more than just one day of pampering - As hard as she works she deserves daily TLC. Don't you agree?

Radiance as a Lifestyle Strategy!

Posted on May 1, 2012

MW Women Tribe DancingIt's no big secret that I am a big fan of healthy strategies that move us toward feeling freakin’ fabulous inside and out.  This particular strategy that I’m talking about in this article addresses something that we all live with every day, yet most of us do not realize just how often we do it.  What’s worse is that we go about our days largely unaware of the intrusive and undesirable physiological consequences it has on our health. 

What exactly is it that I’m talking about anyway?

You feel good when you’re happy and carefree. Right?  Likewise, you feel awful when you’re in a negative state of mind --- sad, depressed, critical, angry, etc...

Is that just a coincidence, or could your body actually be telling you something?

180 healthy makeover

Posted on March 30, 2012

stressed woman eating at computer .jpg

In our culture, it’s supposedly more admirable for a woman to be self-less. 
That’s quite a word, isn’t it? 

Taking care of everyone else first, yourself last. Making sure everyone ELSE is enjoying themselves and feeling good, and making sure the boss or the clients are happy, or that we're getting as much done each day as possible. "Tuning in" and tending to the feelings of those around you. …meanwhile, "tuning out" from your own needs and treating yourself in a way that is, quite frankly, downright cold and cruel. 

In fact, we rush around seeking the satisfaction of checking things off on our TO-DO list and even thinking that we wish we had more time.  But, in actuality, it's not more time that we need; what we need is more pleasure in our life. 

Without experiencing pleasure in our life on a regular basis, I'm talking daily pleasure here ladies, then we leave ourselves wide open for irrational behavior around food and burnout symptoms, which on a physiological level can create negative responses in our brain that lead to fatigue, weight gain and depression.

Education Vessels

Posted on March 12, 2012

Jane and Melanie in Long Beach

Jane Thompson and Melanie Banayat

I attended an amazingly inspiring and educational health conference in Long Beach, California a week ago, and one morning me and my colleague (friend), Jane Thompson, took a nice brisk walk along the waterfront.  We brought our cameras with us to capture anything that caught our attention.  This “Education Vessels” sign just seemed to encapsulate the weekend for us so perfectly.


In fact, so many of the images along our walk made me think of my own journey back to health.  Many of the ships on the dock had names that reminded me of an analogy that I once heard from life coach, Bill Baren.